Renewable Energy Sources deficit falls to 171.76m euro

The Renewable Energy Sources account deficit fell to 171.76 million euro in May from 178.07 million euro in April, according to the latest report issued by the Electricity Market Operator, LAGIE.

The operator forecast that the deficit would further contract to 138.26 million towards the end of the year, while an account surplus was expected to be achieved by July, 2015, the report noted.

The LAGIE report forecast that the Renewable Energy Sources surplus figure for July, 2015 would reach 36.27 million euro, while 2015, overall, would end with a surplus of 98.15 million euro.

As for 2016, the operator predicted that the surplus would reach 152.33 million euro in May of that year.

The report also documented the country’s standing in installed renewable energy capacity, until May, 2014.

Based on the report’s data, total capacity has remained unchanged with 1,847 MW in the wind-energy sector; 2,212 MW in the photovoltaic sector; 374 MW in rooftop photovoltaic systems; 220 MW in small hydropower plants; 47 MW in biomass/biogas production; and 228 MW in CHP units.

Total electricity production, the report noted, was 284 GWh in wind-energy; 349 GWh in photovoltaic systems; 44 GWh in rooftop photovoltaic systems; 82 GWh for small hydropower plants; 18 GWh in biomass/biogas units; and 108 GWh in CHP units.