Renewable energy account surplus forecast for July, 2015

The renewable energy sources account, currently in deficit territory, will achieve surplus figures from July, 2015, onwards, according to the latest report by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator.

Based on the operator’s forecast, the renewable energy sources account is forecast to present a deficit of 38.19 million euro in July, 2015, and is seen as ending 2015 with an overall surplus of 103.69 million euro.

As for 2016, LAGIE predicts that the renewable energy sources account will register a surplus of 153.42 million euro in the month of June.

Returning to the present, the renewable energy sources account’s deficit was narrowed down to 209.44 million euro last June, from 213.92 million euro in May. The deficit stood at 198 million euro in April. The LAGIE report also forecasts a deficit reduction to 146.04 million euro by the end of 2014.

In determining these figures, the operator took into account the increased cost of emission reduction tariff charges, as well as market revisions based on the latest round of legislation for renewable energy sources.

The LAGIE report also offered the latest data on Greece’s installed renewable energy capacity, up until this year’s month of June. The overall capacity figure remained virtually unchanged.

More specifically, total installed capacity in the wind-energy sector reached 1,884 MW; photovoltaic systems totaled 2,213 MW; rooftop photovoltaic facilities amounted to 374 MW; small hydropower units stood at 220 MW; biomass and biogas facilities registered at 47 MW; while combined heat and power (CHP) production reached 229 MW.

As for electricity production figures, wind-energy facilities generated 280 GWh; photovoltaic systems registered 330 GWh; rooftop photovoltaic systems yielded 44 GWh; small hydropower units produced 54 GWh; biomass and biogas facilities produced 16 GWh; and CHP units produced 100 GWh.