Regulatory framework, potential key to Italgas’ DEPA Infr. move

The existing regulatory framework and country’s gas penetration prospects were key attractions in Italgas’ decision to develop an interest in DEPA Infrastructure, according to the Italian company, the preferred bidder in a privatization offering a 100 percent stake.

Given the Greek government’s approval, the agreement is expected to be completed by the end of the year, the Italian company’s administration has just informed. Bidding procedures were completed last week.

Italgas began considering its DEPA move back in the spring of 2018 and views its acquisition as a significant step signaling the company’s return to the Greek market following a presence some years ago through gas distributor EDA THESS, covering the Thessaloniki and Thessaly areas, chief executive Paolo Gallo noted.

“Greece is similar to Sardinia. Investments are needed. We can also develop our knowhow here for new, fully digital networks that will lead Greece through the energy transition,” Gallo commented.

The DEPA Infrastructure deal perfectly matches Italgas’ long-term strategic vision, while the Italian company, through this investment, can maintain a strong presence in Greece for decades, possibly right up until 2043, Gallo projected.

Italgas plans to increase DEPA Infrastructure’s network supply points from 509 last year to 870 by 2026 and over 1,050 by 2030. It also aims to extend the network’s total length from 6,875 km to 10,800 km in 2026 and 11,500 km in 2030.

Italgas expects DEPA Infrastructure’s revenue to increase from 129 million euros last year to 210 million euros in 2026 and 240 million euros in 2030, while operating profit is expected to rise from 81 million euros to 160 million euros in 2026 and 185 million euros in 2030.