Registered unemployment up in February

The number of registered unemployed people (seeking job) in Greece rose by 7,148 in February from January, for an increase of 0.77 pct, the Workforce Employment Organization (OAED) said on Monday.
The number of registered unemployed people was 936,110 in February from 928,962 in January. OAED said that 53.78 pct of registered unemployed were long-term unemployed (12 months or more), while 46.22 pct were unemployed for less than 12 months. Registered unemployment among women was 62 pct, while unemployment in the 30-54 age group was 65 pct, 91 pct were Greek citizens and 82 pct had no university degree.
Registered unemployed people (not seeking job) in February was 159,756, down 0.79 pct from January, while the number of people receiving unemployment benefit grew by 13.43 pct to 178,105.