Balancing market redispatching set for trial run next month

A process distinguishing between balancing energy and redispatching-related energy in the balancing market will start at the beginning of December, on a trial basis, following approval by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, of a related formula prepared by power grid operator IPTO.

The operator, who commissioned Grant Thornton as the technical consultant for this project, is currently conducting final checks on its information systems ahead of next month’s launch, energypress sources informed.

Dry runs, not impacting financial results, will be staged initially to test the results of the planned distinction between balancing energy and redispatching.

This trial-run period will also enable balancing service providers (electricity producers) to familiarize themselves with the change and make adjustments to their strategies for offers submitted.

The dry run is expected to last about one month before its results are assessed to determine if the plan can be fully implemented under actual market conditions.