RAE troubled by low level of mature RES licenses in many sub-sectors

The number of mature RES project licenses that could take part in competitive procedures for tariff levels is satifactory for the wind and solar categories but low for all other renewable energy systems, according to data being studied by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy.

A successful plan for competitive RES procedures is crucial for Greece’s renewable energy targets set for 2020.

The subdued level of interest for these other neglected categories is troubling RAE, which believes that auctions may prove to be ineffective. Tariff levels would not be bid down sufficiently but maintained at extraordinarily high levels.

As a result, the authority appears likely to temporarily exempt sub-categories indicating low interest levels from auction procedures determining tariffs.

This exemption could be lifted if the level of interest expressed by investors concerning these neglected RES technologies increases to represent a capacity of over 300 MW.