RAE to measure NOME impact on Greek electricity market in report

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, plans to prepare an impact report providing details on any Greek electricity market changes prompted by the NOME auctions. They were introduced last October in an effort to break the main power utility PPC’s market dominance by offering independent traders access to the utility’s low-cost carbon and hydropower sources.

The report will help RAE officials determine if, and to what degree, objectives have been achieved, while also specifying any benefits gained by independent electricity suppliers who opt to purchase lignite-fired electricity production through the auctions.

RAE officials, through the impact report, will also examine if any NOME benefits gained are being rolled over to consumers.

The impact report’s findings are expected to provide useful information for the wider debate concerning the course of Greece’s changing retail electricity market. It may also help assess related terms agreed to by the Greek government with the country’s lenders for the bailout agreement.

The NOME auctions are regarded as a key tool in the effort to further liberalize Greece’s electricity market.