RAE set to approve market test terms for TAP capacity boost

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, plans to approve, this week, the terms of a market test designed to explore whether TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) users would be interested in reserving greater capacities.

The current overall capacity of the project could increase from its current level of 10 bcm to as much as 20 bcm.

The market test’s platform will be opened on July 1 for participants to submit first-round expressions of non-binding interest.

If interest is expressed, the TAP consortium, as its next step, will examine the investments required for a capacity boost, offer schedule and tariff updates, and proceed with a binding second-round test for capacity reservations.

Current market factors indicate that companies could be interested in a capacity increase but may not require the entirety of the additional 10 bcm offered.

The TAP project promises to directly meet transportation needs for natural gas towards southern Europe and also offer reverse-flow capabilities from Europe.

Now 87.5 percent complete, the project’s commercial launch is planned for 2020, the TAP consortium noted in a recent statement.