RAE responds to PPC claims for higher public service amount

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has just released details of a decision reached last December to reject a claim by the main power utility PPC for a larger public service compensation (YKO) sum concerning previous periods.

The power utility ended up receiving 360 million euros but believed it ought to have received 735 million euros, based on a 2011 study.

Besides the study’s results, PPC officials had presented a series of arguments backing their claim for a larger YKO amount.

The utility contended that the RAE decision determining the eventual sum was based on the misapplication of a related formula. The utility argued that a wholesale average price used to determine RES-support surcharge amounts paid by electricity suppliers was inappropriately applied in the calculations.

In response, RAE noted that PPC’s argument was groundless as it contravened market regulations and revisions.