RAE proposes subjecting solar units to 3% community charge

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has proposed extending to the solar energy sector a 3 percent charge currently withheld from all other RES venture revenues to compensate local communities in areas where RES facilites have been installed.

According to energypress sources, this proposal, forwarded to the energy ministry, is included in a RAE study concerning a new RES sector support plan.

The authority’s proposal is intended to apply to prospective solar farms, not existing photovoltaic ventures.

The European Commission has made clear it objects to any post-contractual revisions for RES producers.

Of the 3 percent withheld from RES producer revenues, one percent is passed on to residents in areas where RES facilities have been installed. This amount is deducted from electricity bill amounts paid by locals.

A further 1.7 percent is channeled to local government budgets to help fund life quality upgrade initiatives for local residents.

The remaining 0.3 percent ends up in the country’s ‘green fund’.