RAE proposals for RES license simplification this month

A comprehensive package of proposals aiming to simplify licensing procedures in the RES sector is being prepared by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, in association with a legal consultant hired for the task.

These proposals, primarily concerning production licenses, are expected to be forwarded to the energy ministry within September.

The package will include proposals on rule changes, for which a ministerial decision is needed, as well as all the required legislative amendments.

The energy ministry is also working on a new legal framework concerning the installation of RES facilities, including spatial matters, to be delivered at a latter date.

RAE is striving to establish a digital RES production license issuing system that will enable investors to make online applications and track their progress.

Ultimately, the effort will aim for a reduction of the amount of time needed for RES production licenses to be issued – this can currently take as long as two-and-a-half years – as well as objectivity and transparency in the licensing procedure.