RAE maintaining positions on disputed RES license rules

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, intends to reiterate its positions on two key RES license concerns raised by market players in a report to be forwarded by the authority to the energy ministry, looking to simplify RES licensing procedures.

Renewable energy investors, in recent public consultation, widely opposed an existing regulation automatically cancelling RES licenses if development of projects has not begun within a certain time period, citing public sector bureaucracy for delays.

Wind energy projects currently have between eight and ten years to commence projects, while the solar energy project limit ranges between four to five years.

RAE does not agree with this objection raised by market players, insisting the current time limits are fair and sufficient. Otherwise, unused grid and installation capacities would not be freed, depriving other investors from entering the picture to help Greece achieve its ambitious renewable energy targets, the authority believes.

As for the other key issue, RAE, in its upcoming report for the ministry, will insist on the cancellation of a current rule requiring wind energy investors to provide wind intensity measurement certificates with their production license applications.

Some RES market players do not agree. They believe this wind-measurement requirement is preventing an overflow of license applications by investors without serious intentions to follow up.

The RAE report is expected to be forwarded to the energy ministry by the end of this month.