RAE launches new application round for RES producer certificates

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has launched a 10-day application period for RES producer certificates, running until February 10.

This new round follows a big wave of applications submitted by RES investors in December, a record-breaking cycle, both in terms of application numbers and capacity. A total of 1,864 applications representing 45.5 GW were submitted in December.

RAE has already begun processing the previous round’s applications, a large percentage of which are expected to be excessive.

Information gathered on preceding applications – including still-unprocessed applications submitted through rounds in September, 2018 and December, 2019, both under the latest licensing rules – indicates that the majority of investors want to at least reach the first stage of the investment maturity process.

A preliminary fee expected from applicants for their producer certificates stands as a test of investor intent, even though this fee is smaller for older applications.

To date, applicants behind 939 applications, of 1,483 submitted in total, or over 60 percent, have already paid this preliminary fee.

Applications submitted through the September, 2018 cycle are offered a 90 percent discount on this fee. The discount is gradually reduced for newer applications, reaching as low as 50 percent for bids lodged through the December, 2019 cycle. These fees are paid as lump sums.