RAE launches latest cycle for RES producer certificate applications

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has just launched a latest cycle offering RES producer certificates, the third to be held under a new framework. Applicants face a June 10 deadline.

This third cycle for producer certificates, the initial step in the RES licensing process, follows rounds staged last December and February, which attracted applications representing total project capacities of 45.45 and 8.86 GW, respectively.

The authority, which completed processing a backlog of December-cycle applications in mid-April, has announced that 1,544 applications, of 1,865 in total, fulfilled all criteria. These successful applications represent a total project capacity of 34.48 GW.

Applications submitted in the February cycle are still being processed.

Applications blocked by the authority as a result of overlapping properties declared by investors as project sites are, in many cases, being amicably resolved between opposing sides, energypress sources have informed.

It remains to be seen if the big turnout experienced for the December and February cycles will be smaller in this latest cycle, given lower tariffs secured by investors at these previous rounds.

The energy ministry is still entertaining thoughts of requiring investors to accompany their producer certificate applications with letters of guarantee or proof of property ownership.

Market players have expressed concern, noting such measures would emerge belatedly and introduce new rules that have not applied for previous cycles.