RAE, IPTO pushing ahead to integrate traders into intraday market

Intraday electricity market participation by traders engaged in transactions concerning the country and non-coupled neighbors – Albania, Turkey and North Macedonia – a complex matter that has remained pending for years, is now on track to be approved by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, and power grid operator IPTO.

One of the basic steps needed is the establishment of Daily Intraday Capacity Auctions, a step requiring the approval of all respective operators involved. According to sources, all operators involved have expressed willingness to proceed, but the overall process will take time to complete.

IPTO has already declared its readiness, from a technical perspective, to implement these auctions, which, however, is not the case for other operators as they are active in markets still at early stages of development. These operators still need to make adjustments in order to accommodate Daily Intraday Capacity Auctions into their systems.

IPTO has been actively involved, underlining, to neighboring operators, its availability to contribute to their efforts.

The addition of traders to the intraday market promises to boost its liquidity as more participants become involved. This development will greatly improve the ability of market players to correct their positions and, as a result of this greater flexibility, limit their balancing market costs.

Also, the more precise activity of market players will create conditions limiting the volumes of electricity needed in the balancing market.