RAE examining PPC complaint for unexecuted power cut orders

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy is investigating a power utility PPC complaint made against distribution network operator DEDDIE earlier this month, according to which the subsidiary is not fully executing electricity supply cut orders concerning non-punctual consumers.

The authority began digging deeper into the case after DEDDIE officials claimed the operator is fully obeying PPC’s electricity supply cut orders.

PPC has complained the operator’s lack of cooperation is offering protection to tens of thousands of consumers seen, by the utility, as able but not willing to pay overdue electricity bill amounts worth hundreds of millions.

RAE is treating the matter very seriously as PPC has never before made such an official complaint against corporate group member DEDDIE.

According to PPC figures, 7,020 electricity supply cut orders – of 471,403 forwarded in 2018 – remain unexecuted and concern unpaid bills worth a total of 9.8 million euros.