RAE emergency plan with 3-level alert system sent for EC approval

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, is expected to finalize a list of vital industrial enterprises at a plenary session next week, this inclusion assuring listed companies of gas supply priority should the country be placed on high alert in a three-level warning system that has been prepared.

A total of 104 industrial enterprises have submitted applications for inclusion on this priority list.

RAE’s emergency plan, which includes alert system-linked measures, has, following consultation, been forwarded to the European Commission for approval. It will then also need to be approved by RAE.

Level One of the warning system will be declared if reliable evidence arises of an event that is likely to result in the deterioration of the country’s gas supply.

Level Two will be activated if either a supply disruption or exceptionally high gas demand is experienced, resulting in a significant deterioration of gas supply, which, nevertheless, will remain manageable without market intervention.

Level Three, the highest alert level, will be declared if a significant supply disruption occurs along with exceptionally high demand and resulting market measures are unable to full cover fuel demand.