RAE decision on carbon rights for industrial electricity stands

At a time when the price level of carbon emission rights is clearly rising in international markets, the Greek market’s developments are focused on details concerning the method applied by main power utility PPC when imposing these fees on industrial consumers.

According to energy press sources, PPC has decided not to insist with legal action it had initiated at an Athens Adminsitrative Court of Appeals in order to challenge a ruling by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, on how the utility imposes carbon emission rights charges.

Subsequently, RAE’s carbon emission rights decision, favorable for the industrial sector, will remain valid in its present form.

RAE considers PPC’s carbon emission rights charges, which further increase already elevated electricty price levels for industrial enterprises, as representing an intergral part of industrial consumer electricity bills, and not part of their adjustable amount. PPC’s carbon emission rights charges, legal experts noted, should be subject to regulatory obligations.

Industrial consumers belonging to the medium and high-voltage brackets had intervened to back RAE in the legal proceedings.