RAE contends staff shortage affecting operational ability

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has announced a positive budget outlook for 2015, with revenues forecast to amount to 9.26 million euros and expenses to reach 7.81 million euros. However, the budget surplus forecast was overshadowed by RAE’s concerns, expressed in a report it published yesterday, over a personnel shortage, which is believed to be affecting the regulator’s operational effectiveness.

Considering RAE’s responsibility of ensuring that the energy market functions smoothly, its role of overlooking the energy sector’s development, and task of offering protection to consumers, the regulator’s services need to be sufficiently backed by staff, both qualitatively and quantitatively, which does not seem to be the case.

In its report, RAE highlighted that it was considerably understaffed, pointing out staff shortages in various departments. Of 75 staff members required for the regulator’s scientific department, only 48 recruits have been made, RAE noted. As for 36 administrative staff members needed, only 25 have been hired until now, it pointed out. The regulator’s legal department, needing 16 recruits, has been joined by nine lawyers, it noted. Also, although five specialized staff members for technical work were also needed, no recruits were made for this department, the RAE report added.

The regulator’s administration contends that the additional recruits are necessary as a result of RAE’s heightened activity over recent years, as well as the work required to reach future objectives.