PV sector reacts extrajudicially to subsidy return offer

Photovoltaic producers have forwarded an extrajudicial statement to the economy ministry’s general secretariat for strategic and private investments to protest against a ministerial decision offering them roughly one month to return any subsidies received, plus interest, as a condition for being included in a subsidy-free category that would enable them to avoid further tariff cuts included in the “new deal” for the PV sector.

The ministry made an announcement on October 20 offering photovoltaic producers until November 30 to submit applications revoking the inclusion of their respective investment plans in a “development law” offering incentives. PV producers were also requested to return any subsidies received, plus interest.

In their extrajudicial statement, the PV producers questioned the legal and practical standing of the ministry’s initiative. Also, the absence of any revisions to certain significant factors made it impossible to return subsidies received in such a short period of time, the PV producers protested.