Pilot tender provides needed stimulus to local PV market

A pilot tender held today offering investors a PV capacity of 40 MW was successfully completed with the entire amount purchased, while fierce bidding drove prices down to levels of about 15 percent below the starting price.

The capacities were offered in two categories, one for projects of less than one MW, the other for projects of over one MW. A total capacity of 4.8 MW was offered for the smaller category while 35.2 MW was offered for larger projects.

According to sources, bidding was particularly competitive in the larger category. The lowest bid submitted was worth 79.97 euros per MWh while the highest reached 88 euros per MWh, deemed as a satisfactory level for investors.

As for the smaller category, bids ranged between 94.97 euros per MW and 104 euros per MWh.

Participating bidders who secured capacities for PV projects included ELPE Renewables, the Mouratoglou Group, Juwi Hellas and Aten.

Larger projects need to be completed within 24 months while investors of smaller projects have 18 months to finish their projects.