Public Issue: Euroscepticism in Greece remains high

Euroscepticism in Greece remains high, according to a research by Public Issue for “Avghi” newspaper on Sunday.

44 pct of the participants has a positive opinion about the EU and 55 pct has a positive opinion about the euro. When asked what they would vote if a referendum on Grexit was held, a 56 pct of the participants said they would vote in favor of remaining in the EU and 39 pct against.

On the electoral system, a 50 pct said it would choose a system that would ensure the fair representation of smaller parties and a 40 pct said that what it considers important is stable governments.

Moreover, a 70 pct of the Greeks has a very positive opinion about China and the Chinese. A 67 pct of the respondents see the economic cooperation with China as a good opportunity for growth.