Ptolemaida V power station’s full-scale launch just weeks away

Power utility PPC is just weeks away from commercially launching its new Ptolemaida V power station, a 660-MW facility in the country’s north now undergoing a final stage of trial runs.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, scheduled to visit the area next week, is expected to highlight the significance of this project, including its role in the country’s anticipated post-lignite era.

Ptolemaida V, to initially operate as a low-emitting lignite-fired power station before eventually converting to natural gas, promises to greatly contribute to the grid’s energy sufficiency.

According to a latest estimate provided by power grid operator IPTO, in an energy sufficiency study, the facility may operate as a lignite-fired power station until the end of 2028 before being withdrawn for a two-year period and relaunched, at the beginning of 2031, as a 1,000-MW gas-fueled power station.

However, the power station’s switch to natural gas at a sooner date cannot be ruled out if gas prices de-escalate in the long-term and remain stable at lower price levels.