Protergia leads independent firms in IPTO’s latest market share data

Latest market share data released by IPTO, Greece’s power grid operator, shows a virtual standstill for October with independent suppliers controlling an overall 11.2 percent, up slightly from September’s share of 11 percent.

IPTO’s figures, unlike those supplied by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, put independent power supplier Protergia, a member of the Mytilineos corporate group, in top place among the independent players. Protergia has steadily followed Heron among the independent suppliers in the monthly LAGIE market reports.

Returning to the IPTO report, it put main power utility PPC’s retail market share in October at 88.8 percent, down from 89 percent in September.

Protergia ended October having captured a 2.99 percent share, up from 2.95 percent a month earlier.

Heron followed with 2.96 percent, up marginally from 2.94 percent. It was followed by Edison with a 2.42 percent share, up from 2.09 percent.

As for the smaller independent players, NRG was reported as capturing 0.78 percent, down from 0.80 percent in September. Volterra was next with 0.68 percent, a rise from September’s 0.57 percent. Watt + Volt followed with 0.54 percent, up from 0.51 percent. Green captured 0.37 percent, slightly less than September’s 0.41 percent.

The marginal market share discrepancies reported by IPTO and LAGIE have been attributed to slight variations in the formulas applied.