Productivity incentives for operators, linked with expenditure approval

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, is preparing to gradually introduce productivity incentives for operators, which will need to be met for expenditure approval, the authority’s president Athanasios Dagoumas has told a news conference.

The authority intends to update the regulatory framework for operators by introducing  incentive-based regulations and new formulas for calculating system and network usage charges, its head official informed.

A new formula for distribution network usage charges will distinguish customers with hourly measurement and maximum demand during peak periods from customers without hourly metering and agreed capacities.

RAE has joined forces with an external consultant for the creation of standards concerning energy market operator cost data for development plans and other aspects regarding Allowed Revenue in order to standardize the approval process of their Allowed Revenue.

Also, RAE has asked operators to project their regulated charges until 2030 as part of an effort to offer consumers transparency through the energy transition.