Price gap between new suppliers, PPC still widening

The price gap in electricity deal offers between the recently emerged independent suppliers and main power utility PPC, which remains the most expensive supplier in most categories, is continuing to widen.

This is especially so in the household category, whereas the price gap in the commercial category is widening at a considerably slower rate. The price gap for industrial consumers has been narrowed considerably following a tariff rate reduction made by PPC.

Electricity tariffs offered by independent suppliers have, in recent times, been reduced by as much as 13.3 percent for households and 5.4 percent for commercial use.

Market data shows that households using 4,500 KW annually would have saved roughly 44 euros per year had they transferred to an independent supplier last September. The savings for this category, using the same amount of electricity, would amount to approximately 97 euros, or 122 percent more, if the switch is made now.