PPC’s new products in spring, Brussels reform talks influential

New retail electricity packages being prepared by power utility PPC, currently seeking to reshape and modernize, are expected to be ready for launch early in spring.

The utility’s recently appointed deputy chief, Giorgos Karakousis, who assumed his post in November, is busy putting together a new commercial policy to feature packages for households and businesses.

Concurrent negotiations between the government and the European Commission on wider electricity market reforms in Greece will influence the shape of these new PPC packages.

The state-controlled power utility, in the eyes of Brussels, has continued maintaining a monopoly in the lignite sector, offering lower-cost electricity, as well as a dominant market position.

Talks between energy ministry and European Commission officials are focused on generating greater competition in Greece’s electricity market.

The outcome of these negotiations will determine the extent of PPC’s permitted retail market presence in the high, mid and low-voltage categories. These commitments will serve as a guideline for PPC’s forthcoming packages.

During his presentation, last month, of PPC’s new business plan, chief executive Giorgos Stassis did not rule out the possibility of additional services concerning energy efficiency at households and businesses.

In other European markets, electricity supply packages are often combined with house insurance policies as well as energy-saving equipment.