PPC’s Megalopoli facility reentering sale package talks

The energy ministry is preparing to forward a revised proposal to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition concerning the bailout-required sale of main power utility PPC unit sales.

The content of the new proposal, whose preparation was prompted by the DG Comp’s recent, and latest, rejection of an intention by Greek officials to include PPC’s ageing Amynteo lignite-fired on the sale list, remains unknown.

The Amynteo facility, in Greece’s north, needs a major revamp if its lifespan is to be prolonged.

It is now widely believed state-controlled PPC’s more modern Megalopoli facility in the Peloponnese will enter the unit sale package talks, as has been desired by the DG Comp.

Though the energy ministry has remained cagey about the content of its new proposal, it has made clear the Agios Dimitrios facility, close to Kozani, northern Greece, remains out of the picture.

A market test, to measure the level of investor interest in PPC’s sale package, once it is finalized, is expected next month.

A DG Comp letter received by Greece’s energy ministry just days ago appears to have rejected a Greek argument claiming PPC would be comparatively disadvantaged – in terms of unit lifespans – if the more modern Megalopoli facility is sold to investors and PPC is left with ageing facilities.