Summer gains for PPC’s low, mid-voltage market shares

The main power utility PPC registered considerable market share increases in the mid-voltage and, especially, low-voltage categories in July, according to latest data released by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator.

If confirmed, this development promises to seriously affect the country’s bailout-required market share contraction targets set for the utility.

As a result, further electricity amount increases can be expected to be offered at the NOME auctions, as energypress has previously reported.

PPC’s mid-voltage market share rose to 17.98 percent in July from 16.79 percent in the previous month, a 1.19 percent increase.

As for the electricity market’s independent suppliers, the top three challengers all experienced market share contractions. Heron’s mid-voltage market share slipped from 2.42 percent in June to 2.25 percent in July, a 0.17 percent decrease. Protergia lost 0.18 percent, dropping to 2.03 percent from 2.21 percent. Elpedison’s mid-voltage market share contracted to 1.68 percent in July from 1.83 percent in June, a 0.15 percent drop.

In the low-voltage category, PPC’s market share gained 3.85 percent in July to reach 58.14 percent from 54.29 percent in June.

Elpedison gained a marginal 0.09 percent to reach 1.45 percent in July from 1.36 percent in June. Protergia’s low-voltage share gained 0.11 percent, from 1.29 percent in June to 1.40 percent in July. Heron’s market share rose by 0.10 percent to 1.17 percent in July from 1.07 percent in June.