PPC’s 2020 results, out April 20, to reflect company ascent

Power utility PPC, planning to announce its financial results for 2020 on April 20, is expected to release robust figures confirming its positive course, including, according to analysts, an EBITDA level of approximately 900 million euros.

Given the corporation’s 618 percent EBITDA surge in this year’s nine-month period, up to 696 million euros from 96.9 million euros a year earlier, PPC should register operating profit well above the 2019 level, when its recurring EBITDA ended the year at 333.6 million euros.

Sharply declined fuel costs and wholesale electricity prices during the first three quarters, as well as the continual limitation of PPC’s lignite-fired power stations, now loss-incurring as a result of higher CO2 emission rights, have been the driving forces behind the 2020 EBITDA forecast of about 900 million euros.

An EBITDA objective of one billion euros by 2024 now appears achievable sooner, possibly as early as next year.

The company’s capitalization is currently at 2.11 billion euros.

PPC, needing to push ahead with RES investments, will require capital for the effort. An ongoing privatization offering a 49 percent stake in distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO, a subsidiary, is expected to raise capital for PPC’s investment plans, including in renewable energy, and also lower the company’s debt level.

The shortlist of qualifiers into the second round of the DEDDIE/HEDNO sale is expected to be announced today.