PPC union launches strike action as lignite sale plan legislation nears

Genop, the main power utility PPC’s union, will today launch its protest against a bailout-required sale plan offering 40 percent of the utility’s lignite facilities by occupying the utility’s Megalopoli lignite facility in the Peloponnese, one of a number of assets included in the lignite sale package.

The union has announced it will continue its action at the Megalopoli facility on Sunday and Monday with a series of work stoppages, by various employee groups, that will significantly limit the ability of the facility’s two lignite-fired units to operate.

PPC workers are planning to intensify their action with strikes to coincide with the submission to parliament of a draft bill for legislation concerning the sale plan. The draft bill is expected to be tabled slightly beyond the end of next week. Genop may stage 48-hour strikes, according to some sources.

At this stage, Genop and PPC’s workers appear determined to test the limits of both the government and grid, meaning an effort may be made for the withdrawal of many more units from the system, in addition to Megalopoli.

Genop sources have noted that the grid’s ability to cope will depend on electricity demand during the strikes.

The union plans to hold a general meeting on Monday to decide on the details of its planned action. An announcement may be made on Tuesday.