PPC union group Genop to ‘fight’ against unit sales plan

Genop, the power utility PPC’s main union, is determined to do whatever it takes, from strike action and occupations of company facilities to legal action at Greek and European courts, in an attempt to stop the bailout-required sale of PPC units, its leader, Giorgos Adamidis, has stressed in an interview with energypress.

Adamidis promised the union’s fight will be even more stubborn than its reaction in 2014 to stop a previous PPC sale effort concerning the split and sale of a chunk of PPC, locally dubbed “Little PPC”.

The union is considering an initial gathering in Florina, northern Greece, as its campaign’s first step before following up with a series of other actions, the Genop leader informed.

Adamidis noted that the government should not be presenting its plan to extend the lifespans of state-controlled PPC’s ageing Amynteo and Kardia lignite-fired power stations as consolation for the sale of other utility units as this operating extension has stood as a firm demand by PPC and the corporation’s workers.

The Genop head described the goovernment’s PPC sale plan as a highly complex endeavor requiring time-consuming tasks such as evaluations and breakways from the utility’s core. Adamidis said he could not see any related sale procedure being announced before the end of 2018, regardless of the delays to be caused by Genop’s actions.

The prolonged sale effort will end up being inherited by the next government once the current administration’s term expires, Adamidis expects.

The Genop leader contended that the bailout’s terms for PPC go no further than requiring its electricity market share contraction to less than 50 percent by early 2020 as well as a production share drop to 50 percent.