PPC to test pioneering RES energy storage system on island

Serving as an indicator of its possible future moves in the renewable energy (RES) sector, main power utility PPC has decided to install – as a pilot project – a pioneering lithium-ion battery system for energy storage at its production facility on the Dodecanese island of Karpathos.

The battery energy storage system, developed by German company Accusol, will be used on a trial basis over a six-month period, free of charge, while PPC will be given the right to extend this period by a further six months. The battery energy storage system, featuring hybrid technology, has a 40-KW capacity.

This technology promises to store renewable-source energy and be injected into the grid whenever required, without destabilizing the network.

The storage capacity of lithium-ion battery systems promises to help counter the shortcomings of RES facilities, which cannot function uninterruptedly as a result of their reliance on specific weather conditions – sun for solar parks and windy conditions for wind parks.

Though relatively small, Accusol maintains a close association with fellow German corporate giant Siemens. The firm began producing high-tech energy storage products in 2012. Accusol also collaborates with Germany’s Windwärts Energy GmbH on the installation of photovoltaic systems for industrial use, as well as other firms on a variety of projects.