PPC to face greater legal pressure over industrial tariffs negligence

Main power utility PPC’s lack of attention to a long-running effort by medium-voltage industrial enterprises for lower individualized tariff agreements that reflect respective profiles, as is required by supply regulations, is intensifying tension that will prompt medium-voltage industrialists to apply greater legal pressure on the utility.

To date, PPC has mostly focused its efforts for new industrial tariff agreements on talks with high-voltage industrial customers.

Most medium-voltage industrial enterprises have sent PPC letters requesting individualized tariff agreements from as far back as early last year. They argue that PPC has benefited from significant cost reductions over the past two or so years as a result of regulatory revisions, lower fuel prices, as well as the recent lifting of a special consumption tax (EFK) imposed on natural gas. The power utility’s production facilities include natural gas-fueled stations.

In the past, following industrial consumer complaints, RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, had ordered PPC to offer medium-voltage industries individualized electricity tariffs.

According to energypress sources, PPC officials, in recent meetings with industrial consumers, have focused their efforts on offering payback schemes, through installments, for outstanding amounts. PPC has essentially rejected talks for reduced individualized tariffs.

Revising tariff levels is a matter of survival for the few remaining Greek medium-voltage industries, energy sector stressed in comments offered to energypress.