PPC, suspected of keeping surcharges, given one month to provide more data

The main power utility PPC has been given an extra month to present additional data required for a clearer picture on electricity bill surcharges it has collected through electricity bills and the related amounts the utility has relayed to market operators, it was decided at a RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) hearing held yesterday, energypress sources have informed.

PPC’s chief executive Manolis Panagiotakis attended yesterday’s RAE hearing, held over suspicions that the utility is withholding amounts to service utility needs, including investments.

A final decision, which could lead to fines for PPC, is now expected to be delivered once the utility and two operators, IPTO and HEDNO, have provided additional data required by RAE for further clarity.

PPC contends it is not withholding surcharge amounts intended for the operators. The utility supports all surcharge amounts received via electricity bill payments by consumers are being passed on to the operators on an annual basis.

The cross-examination procedure of figures provided so far to RAE by PPC and the operators has proven difficult as no common basis for calculation exists. The two sides have produced conflicting figures.

The analysis of data provided, so far, to RAE suggests PPC has been withholding surcharge amounts.

As a result of the confusion, RAE intends to enforce a stricter monitoring process over surcharge collections and payments.

IPTO and HEDNO, both PPC subsidiaries, have taken legal action againt the parent company.

PV sector agencies relying on their share of the surcharge amounts to pay photovoltaic investors for solar energy output have called for firm action against PPC.