PPC supply drop contained despite major decline in overall demand

The decline in main power utility PPC’s electricity supply level was subdued in January and February despite the market’s significant drop in demand, monthly data supplied by IPTO, the power grid operator, has shown.

Electricity demand fell by 5.6 percent during the first two months of 2018 compared to the equivalent period a year earlier. Last winter’s prolonged cold weather was a major factor. Most of the drop (4.5% of the 5.6%) occurred during the month of January.

PPC supplied 3,944 GWh in January from a total of 4,631 GWh and 3,444.2 GWh in February from a total of 4,074 GWh, according to the IPTO data.

Elpedison was ranked second, well below PPC, with 160.5 GWh in January and 143.2 GWh in February. Mytilineos closely followed in third place with 152.2 GWh in January and 136.7 GWh in February. Heron was ranked fourth, well above the rest of the pack of independent players, with 147.4 GWh in January and 135.6 GWh in February.