PPC subsidiary planning further expansion in Bulgaria

Many aspects concerning the future course of state-controlled power utility PPC may still be unclear following the change of government brought about by last weekend’s elections but one thing for certain is that plans will be laid out to increase the utility’s business activities in foreign markets through its subsidiaries abroad.

One example is Bulgaria, where PPC has already achieved some success in the neighboring country’s electricity market, which it entered in 2015.

Presenting PPC Bulgaria’s main strategic objectives at a recent economic forum in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city, the subsidiary’s chief executive director Alexandra Psyrri made note of the company’s favorable results, so far, as well as the opportunities offered by Bulgaria’s wholesale energy market.

PPC Bulgaria aims to further expand its profitable activities based on a business plan that also includes electricity supply across the border, Psyrri told the forum.

PPC Bulgaria’s annual turnover reaches 4.9 million euros, she noted.