PPC submits bids for two Turkish hydropower stations

PPC, the main power utility, has submitted a bid to acquire two Turkish hydropower stations with a total capacity of 178 MW, confirming preceding energypress reports.

Both facilities, owned by Turkey’s state-controlled power corporation, are located in the country’s central region of Kahramanmaras and are fed by the Ceyhan River.

Turkey’s privatizations authority OBI announced a plan in June to privatize five hydropower stations, including the two aforementioned units, Menzelet and Kilavuzlu, possessing capacities of a 124 MW and 54 MW, respectively.

A September 30 deadline had been set for first-round offers. PPC’s offer was submitted through the corporation’s Turkish subsidiary, PPC Electrik Tedarik ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi. Binding bids will follow in the sale’s second stage.