PPC seeking two deputies to fit McKinsey’s new business plan

Main power utility PPC has launched a recruitment process for two deputy executives  with advanced academic qualifications and experience of at least three years at major organizations or corporations, local or international, as part of necessary corporate and strategic adjustments, based on a proposal prepared by consulting firm McKinsey.

Interested parties have been given until November 30 to submit applications and detailed resumes accompanied by a letter explaining why they believe they are the appropriate candidates, according to a related announcement made by PPC’s personnel department.

The prospective deputies to be hired will fill voids left by Konstantinos Dologlou, who passed away in July last year, and Stavros Goutsos, whose term at PPC expired in April. Their positions have since remained vacant.

The tasks of the two former deputies, ranging from commercial, personnel, strategic, growth, corporate restructuring, mining and production matters, have been temporarily taken on by the power utility’s general managers and CEO Manolis Panagiotakis.