PPC rushing to update lignite unit environmental licenses

The main power utility PPC’s chief official has admitted the corporation has begun conducting new environmental impact studies concerning lignite units included in a bailout-required sale package, as well as unts not for sale, as their temporary licenses are based on results of older and outdated environmental studies featuring looser terms.

PPC’s boss Manolis Panagiotakis was responding to related MP questions in parliament yesterday, as well as preceding remarks by a WWF representative, Nikos Mantzaris, who pointed out the existence of a licensing problem.

Older environmental impact studies, needed for licenses, do not take into account latest emission limits adopted by EU law, the WWF official had noted before PPC’s Panagiotakis admitted the problem has prompted the need for new studies, now being carried out. Fast action is needed to meet the sale’s strict schedule.

PPC’s new environmental studies will be completed within the next few weeks, meaning new licenses will be issued based on the results of these studies, the power utility head informed. These studies will cover PPC units included and not included in the sale package. A draft bill for the sale, represnting 40 percent of PPC’s lignite capacity, is being discussed in parliament.