PPC retail market share falls to less than 90% for first time

Main power utility PPC’s retail market share has fallen below the level of 90 percent for the first time ever, reaching 89.83 percent in August after a 0.43 percent decline from July’s figure of 90.26 percent, according to the latest market report issued by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator.

Broken down in voltage-related categories, PPC held a 59.98 percent share of the low-voltage market at the end of August, 18.91 percent of the medium-voltage market and 10.94 percent of the high-voltage market.

The independent suppliers operating in Greece held a market share total of 10.17 percent in August, according to the LAGIE report.

Heron captured a market share of 2.73 percent comprised of 0.78 percent of the low-voltage market, a 1.94 percent share in the medium-voltage market, and just 0.01 percent of the high-voltage market, presumably for the company’s own energy needs.

Protergia ended August with a 2.54 percent share of the retail electricity market, 0.68 percent provided by the low-voltage market and 1.86 percent by the medium-voltage market.

Elpedison held a 2.16 percent share, 0.01 percent of this in the high-voltage market, 1.04 percent of the low-voltage market, and 1.11 percent of the medium-voltage market.

NRG Trading held 0.84 percent as a result of a 0.21 percent share of the low-voltage market and a 0.63 percent share of the medium-voltage market.

Watt + Volt ended August with a 0.58 percent market share, primarily based on its 0.51 percent share of the low-voltage market, as well as 0.07 percent of the medium-voltage market.

Volterra’s share stood at 0.60 percent, all of it in the medium-voltage market category.

Green held 0.44 percent, equally split between the low and medium-voltage sectors, each providing 0.22 percent market shares to the energy supplier.