PPC Renewables tender for major solar energy farm in spring

PPC Renewables, a wholly-owned subsidiary of power utility PPC, plans to stage a tender in spring for a major solar energy project in northern Greece’s Ptolemaida area, which, when completed, promises to rank among Europe’s biggest.

The project will offer a total capacity of 230 MW,  create at least 300 jobs during construction and, once launched, generate 390,000 MWh capable of covering the needs of approximately 290,000 consumers, energypress sources informed.

The overall project will be comprised of three packages – two small units totaling 30 MW whose tenders have either already been launched or are about to be announced within the next few weeks; as well as a major 200-MW facility whose tender is being planned for spring by PPC Renewables.

At present, PPC Renewables’ portfolio consists of 150 MW in completed RES projects and a further 100 MW under construction, while a further 280 MW, including the 230-MW project, will soon be added.

The Ptolemaida project is expected to require between 24 to 36 months to complete.