PPC Renewables planning two major projects in west Macedonia region

PPC Renewables, a wholly owned subsidiary of main power utility PPC, is planning to develop two of the country’s biggest RES projects, both in northern Greece’s west Macedonia region, according to the company’s head official.

Ilias Monaholias, managing director of PPC Renewables, in a letter contributed to an industry conference beginning in the north today, references two prospective projects planned for development in the region, the first of these being a biomass unit with 25-MW electricity and 45-MW thermal energy capacities. The biomass unit promises to be Greece’s biggest, by far.

Related studies are currently being prepared in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the company head noted in the letter. PPC Renewables hopes construction of the biomass unit will begin within 2018.

PPC Renewables is currently engaged in talks with local authorities for the establishment of an energy community, based on legal provisions being worked on by the government, including ones covering telethermal needs of Amynteo residents.

The second PPC Renewables project referenced in the letter concerns a major 200-MW photovoltaic park, a revival of an older business plan that has remained stagnant for years.

As was recently reported by energypress, PPC Renewables has asked the energy ministry to offer an exemption that would enable development of this PV facility and connection with the network without needing to stage auctions. Instead, a tariff price would be set by the ministry.

This PV project is already fully licensed and has reserved electricity capacities. PPC Renewables is currently exploring financing options concerning its development.

In his letter provided to the conference, Monaholias, the PPC Renewables chief, also notes that previous PPC and PPC Renewables administrations pursued flawed policies that now require “brave revisions” and government support.