PPC reacts against RAE tribunal plan for energy exchange disputes

The main power utility PPC has raised objections to Greek energy exchange rules proposed by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, especially a proposal that would give the authority the right to arbitrate energy exchange disputes, regarded as anti-constitutional by the power utility.

PPC’s objections were included in a letter forwarded by a key official. Early last month, RAE invited interested parties to take part in public consultation.

PPC, in its letter, contends that the proposed regulation would deprive parties involved in disputes of the right to choose their preferred courses of action.

According to the RAE proposal, the arbitration tribunal for Greek energy exchange disputes would be chaired by members of RAE, technical chambers, lawyer societies, as well as professors of higher education institutions with related knowledge.

RAE’s proposals would prevent the newly established energy exchange from developing into an important regional exchange, PPC also asserted in its letter.