PPC plans to convert idle Kardia units into modern capacitors

Power utility PPC has decided to convert the generators of units III and IV at its Kardia power facility into modern capacitors to provide reactive power regulation, voltage support and power supply services to the system.

According to a tender prepared for this EPC/turn-key project, the conversion is planned to be ready for its commercial launch 15 months following the signing of a contract with the winning bidder.

PPC’s decision to convert the Kardia power generators to modern capacitors is in line with an international trend where conventional power plants are being decommissioned and RES installation capacities continue to increase, the power utility explained.

Large modern generators of conventional power plants that are being idled can remain extremely useful to the power system by being converted into modern capacitors, thereby continuing to provide important support to the country’s power system and grid quality.

More specifically, the intended uses of these capacitors include short circuit power enhancement in weak grids, synchronous inertial response, and grid fault ride-through capability.