PPC part-privatization plan draws major consulting firms

An international tender launched by PPC, the Public Power Corporation, in search of a consulting firm to prepare the enterprise’s part-privatization has drawn strong interest from the field’s leading international players.

According to sources, nine major consulting firms have submitted bids for the task of establishing a new subsidiary firm, representing 30% of PPC, to be privatized.

The deadline for the tender, launched late in July, expired on September 8.

PPC is expected to select the winning bidder soon, as, based on the procedure’s schedule, the part-privatization plan to be prepared by the consulting firm will need to be finalized and submitted by late October. Then, the following month, PPC should announce its international tender for the part-privatization, being referred to as “Mikri DEI”, meaning Small PPC, by local media and officials.

The successful candidate’s tasks will include detailing the company assets to be included in the privatization and establishing a business model for the new firm. An analysis of activities, functions, organizational aspects and other issues, along with advice aimed at ensuring a smooth transition to the new environment will also be required. Other tasks will include preparatory work, monitoring, and ensuring that all necessary aspects for the creation of the subsidiary are intact. The new firm’s readiness to operate must also be assured by the consulting firm.