Amynteo unit upgrade plan in making for life extension

The main power utility PPC is preparing an environmental and energy upgrade plan to be presented to the European Commission in an effort to gain a 32,500-hour extension for its 600-MW lignite-fired power station in Amynteo, northern Greece. Its permitted operating time now has just 39 days to go before an initial 17,500-hour extension granted by Brussels expires.

PPC hopes the European Commission will eventually add even more time to the 32,500-hour extension currently being sought for the Amynteo facility.

The power utility insists its Amynteo unit needs to continue producing electricity to ensure sufficiency for the grid and support a telethermal effort in the nearby provincial city Florina.

For the time being, the European Commission, guided by its decarbonization and environmental protection policies, does not appear likely to grant Amynteo a 32,500-hour extension.

However, the Greek energy ministry and state-controlled PPC do appear to have ensured a small extension for the Amynteo unit covering the winter season for coverage of its telethermal and grid needs, energypress sources informed.