Power utility staging tender for gas market entry consultant

The main power utility PPC has launched a tender worth 500,000 euros for a consultant to be tasked with preparing feasibility studies and a business plan as guidance for the utilty’s intended penetration of the country’s natural gas market.

PPC is interested in entering new business domains as a means of compensating for its reduced liquidity of recent years. Besides the natural gas market, PPC’s administration is showing a revitalized interest for greater involvement in photovoltaic park projects, through PPC Renewables, its wholly owned subsidiary.

According to the tender’s terms, participants will need to submit their offers by August 7.

The winning consultant’s tasks will include preparing a natural gas retail market analysis, strategic and business plans for this market, a stategic plan for the wholesale natural gas market, an analysis of existing natural gas infrastructure systems, including distribution networks, as well as feasibility studies for certain regional natural gas markets PPC is considering to enter.

The winning consultant will need to complete all tasks within a five-month period.