PPC granted permits for extra generating capacity on islands

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has granted the main power utility PPC permission to increase electricity producing capacity on non-interconnected islands through the installation of additional generators, resolving a dispute between the two sides.

As a result, PPC can now increase its electricity generation capacities by 8 MW on Santorini, 20 MW on Rhodes, 3 MW on Ikaria, 3 MW on Mykonos, 1 MW on Antiparos and 2 MW on Karpathos.

Responding to the need for greater electricity generation on these islands, PPC had taken the initiative to boost the capacity of its generators prior to RAE’s issuance of the necessary licensing. This move caused friction between PPC and RAE.

PPC recently forwarded a letter to RAE urging the authority to deliver all necessary permits as soon as possible.

RAE also decided to grant PPC license extensions for two already-installed facilities at Soroni, Rhodes, a 25.18-MW capacity generator and a 23.6-MW wind-energy unit.