PPC electricity market share sheds further percentage point in April

The main power utility PPC’s retail electricity market share appears to have fallen further in April, to roughly 86.5 percent from 87.66 percent a month earlier, unofficial market data has shown.

The still-dominant PPC’s loss of about 1.2 percent points comes after successive one percent drops in February and March.

These market shares are volume-based. The activity is more subdued in terms of actual consumer shifts from one supplier to another. At the current rate, PPC stands little chance of dropping to a bailout-required 75.24 percent market share target by the end of this year.

Independent electricity supplier officials believe that PPC’s recent market share losses of around one percent per month, an insufficient rate, will most likely not be sustained over the next few months.

A large number of household electricity consumers need to shift from PPC to the independent suppliers if major market share changes are to take place. This is less so for the medium-voltage category, consisting of major-scale enterprises using considerable electricity amounts. Fewer shifts are needed here to make an impact on market shares.

Official data for March listed PPC as holding an 87.66 percent market share, down from 88.58 percent in February.

Among the independent suppliers, Elpedison’s market share, according to the official market data for March, stood at 3.04 percent. Protergia and Heron were tied a place below with 2.96 percent, the former rising from 2.68 percent and the latter increasing its share from 2.78 percent. Watt + Volt followed with 0.88 percent, from 0.84 percent; NRG Trading edged up to 0.87 percent from 0.79 percent; Volterra reached 0.64 percent from 0.56 percent; and Green rose to 0.44 percent from 0.4 percent.